The Value Of Reconnecting Children With Nature

cinChildren grow healthier, wiser, and more content when they are more fully connected throughout their childhood to the natural environment in as many educational and recreational settings as possible. These benefits are long term, significant and contribute to their future wellbeing as well as the contributions they will make to the world as adults.

The benefits of nature for children

Research has shown that children who have more positive and enriching experiences in the natural world are more likely to become better-informed adult consumers and savers who are environmentally alert to their own lifestyles and practices. In addition to this,
  • Children develop and cultivate an understanding of fellow creatures.
  • Spending time in nature aids in stress reduction and in the treatment of depression and ADHD.
  • Both boys and girls develop the courage to handle challenges, problems, investigations, and just manageable risk.
  • Children are encouraged to build a sense of caring about the earth and the need to act responsibly toward it. E.O. Wilson describes this innate need for connection as biophilia, finding a place for yourself in the world
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(Source: Wilderness Leadership School, Durban)

This goes for all ages